Engage in completely new ways

Create new communication channels, understand each domain of staff engagement and bring people with you through change.

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Praise for our work

"We chose to work with Captive Health because of the strength of the product and their deep understanding of healthcare..."

Norma French, Director of Workforce, Whittington Health NHS Trust

"The pilot has been a great success. We've submitted the project for a national innovation award"

Frank Hughes, Innovation & Project Delivery Manager, Tallaght University Hospital, Dublin

"Completely transformational"

Lance McCarthy, Chief Executive, Princess Alexandra Hospitals NHS Trust

How can Staff Connect help you?

Improve staff retention

Good staff engagement boosts morale and increases staff retention

  • Cascade goals top to bottom of the organisation, team by team
  • Give your people the tools they need, directly on their own smartphone, wherever they are
  • Cascade messages to line managers, team by team
  • Target policy, performance and quality information directly to staff, team by team

Give your staff a voice

Your staff are likely to have the answers to most of the challenges the organisation faces

  • Crowd-source ideas for change
  • Create completely new channels for participation
  • Report on results in realtime
  • Automatically disseminate analytics to the people who need them
  • Unlimited surveys + unlimited self-service reporting = unlimited staff insight

Bring people with you on the journey through change

Listen, hear and respond

  • Identify barriers to change, through better staff insight
  • Make sure that staff affected by change know why it is happening
  • Give staff the knowledge they need to achieve change
  • Identify organisational strengths and weaknesses
  • Reward and recognise achievements
  • Reinforce the messages at key moments, with automated workflows and scheduled messaging

Improve quality and efficiency

Better performance

  • Help new starters get up and running from day one
  • Easily evaluate management initiatives for better organisational learning
  • Oil the wheels by making people more accessible to each other
  • Get referral pathways, procedures and ‘how to’ guidance out there instantly, team by team

Reduced re-admissions, better inter-agency working, better clinical outcomes

Integrate with our Active Care Planning tool to share the right information to the right professional (and of course the patient).

  • Share the care plan with the GP, community healthcare teams, nursing home, hospice or specialist care providers
  • Set and monitor goals for the patient
  • Give the patient access to see their goals, progress and summary record
  • Prescribe patient information journeys: better self-care after discharge
  • Reinforce messages from clinic, put the plan in the hands of the patient

Improve health and wellbeing

Target key segments of your staff with campaigns to promote healthy behaviours and positive work environment

  • Promote employee benefits
  • Engage with staff based on lifestyle preferences
  • Run your health and wellbeing campaigns over completely new channels
  • Target carers and older workers with flexible working and active ageing opportunities
  • Capture the new starter experience and meet the needs of the next generation