Automated Workflows

Let Staff Connect take care of some of those boring routine tasks so you don’t have to.

Guide new starters, deliver information to different staff bands, deliver automatically generated reports to the correct members of the management team.

User-specific dates

Schedule your messages to flow at defined intervals before or after a user-specific date, like a start date.
Set the workflow up once, and let Staff Connect do the rest each time you have a new joiner.

True dates

Want to promote health and wellbeing in the New year?
Set up a workflow up to run from 01 Jan, start wiht a Happy New Year message and then promote all the health and fitness opportunities at work.
Build it once, then set and forget!

After completion of a survey

Want to close the feedback loop?
Link a workflow to completion of a staff survey – those who complete will get the information you want them to. Why not invite them to an online panel, show them how others responded to the survey or encourage them to join an event?
With Staff Connect, you can.

Start now

Want to promote the Staff App or encourage people to update their profile? What about asking new joiners for first impressions feedback?
Just create a workflow that starts the moment people register.