Event Automation

Event organisation just became effortless

Add the details and let the system do the work

Create a limitless number of events for your people.

Once created, events are neatly organised and presented in one place, on one screen, giving you the complete overview.

Edit any detail, big or small, painlessly in seconds.

Invite your people

From targeting one person, to the whole hospital, invite anyone or everyone

Powerful targeting tools means audiences and teams can be defined with high specificity. From the ophthalmologists to the audiologists, chose exactly who gets invited.

You choose who comes, the system does the rest. With one click, invites are sent out to your people.

The right notification to the right person

Remind your people. Tell the system what reminders to send, and who gets reminded

Reminders are sent automatically and straight to your staff members’ phones, all you have to do is tick a box.

No longer want to remind your invitees? Turn reminders on or off.

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