Staff Directory and Referral Pathways

Smartphone access to your local staff directory

Access a complete organisational staff directory to keep in touch with who’s who as your organisation grows and develops

Put useful information into the palm of staff hands through their smartphone.

Easily find colleagues for referrals and support

Easy to navigate staff directory helps to find relevant members of staff or teams

Help your organisation cohesion by making your workforce accessible to each other.

Combine colleague contact information across various locations or across a range of organisations within your local area.

All your procedures, policies and pathways in one handy place

Target your content team by team

Ensure all staff have the right clinical information, securely on their own devices, wherever they are

Administration Features

With Staff Connect, it’s easy to manage, edit and delete staff details. We can even hook up to your Active Directory, so people can log in with their work username and password. Simple, huh?