Stay Up-to-Date

Staff communications on my preferred device

Instant messaging with lock screen push notifications to ensure all messages get through

Connect with your workforce across organisational boundaries and engage staff on the move in real time.

Feel connected to the organisation

Regular communications and newsletters to ensure staff stay focused on vision and values; and feel engaged with organisation

Increase your reach across locations and connect teams across sites.

Avoid information overload

Avoid staff ignoring communications by making sure messages are relevant to them

Practical tools to segment and profile registered staff to target communication and ensure high priority messages are not missed.

Give staff control

Staff can choose to remain anonymous and manage confidentiality settings.

Staff can switch notifications on or off and set preferences on how the organisation can connect.

Complete IG, Data Security and GDPR compliance.

Administration Features

Administrators can easily share messages with videos, documents, website URLs, text and images.

Web based easy to use administrator controls allow messaging to be controlled from any location.

Flexible system configuration enables you to set up system profiles and demographics most relevant to staff.