The Tools You Need at Your Fingertips

Access vital information on the go

No matter where staff are, they can always access policies, procedures and guidelines whether at your desk or on the move out in the community

Store documents safely and conveniently so that staff can access any documents through their smartphone whenever they need to.

Improve patient safety and regulatory compliance: help staff navigate policies, procedures and clinical guidelines and ensure they always have the tools to do their job

Find relevant documents in an instant

Make work more efficient for staff by avoiding long lists of documents to wade through

Policies and procedures, team by team – exactly where you expect to find them.

Receive a notification when there’s fresh content for you!

Receive the latest information

Ensure staff have up-to-date information and that they have been alerted to new updates on quality items that matter most

Staff get notified when clinical guidelines, policies and procedures change.

Help staff keep track of team performance and patient feedback by easily accessible dashboards through their smartphone or online.

By using the Staff Connect module staff can quickly and easily get to the information that they need.

Administration Features

Administrators can easily upload and store documents through the online Document management System.

Want to group your procedures in to categories or cascade your goals through your organisation? No problem, just add a new category and assign it to a team. Let Staff Connect do the rest!.