My Events

Your Events Calendar

Easy to navigate, easy to understand; your events calendar gives you the complete overview.

From advisory groups to fundraising, whatever you’ve been invited to, see everything from just one screen

All the details, all in one place.

Which events should I go to?

Yes, no or maybe? Respond in any way, with effortless ease.

With just one click, let the organiser know your response.

Have your events organised for you to reflect your response.

No need to remember!

Through powerful automation, receive reminders and personalised notifications.

Clear your head and get reminded. All the event details can be sent straight to your phone.

Administration Features

Easy to set up and configure staff maps and tours; administrators can make changes and updates live through the online control panel.

Create an unlimited number of tours to help familiarise new staff with your location(s).

Create a series of messaging and unlimited staff information journeys.

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